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Our solutions for the internal lining of tunnels are made for maximum fire protection, traffic safety, lighting and acoustic comfort.

Flexible solutions for multiple needs

We create coatings for important tunnels, choosing the most suitable materials for each intervention. Aluminium, fibre cement and porcelain steel are applied, as needed, on the wall or in the vault to meet the multiple needs required by our customers including the essential requirements of fire protection, lighting and acoustic comfort, the prevention of oozing and, last but not least, the correct architectural furnishings and the related safety implications.

  • Fire protection:
    In terms of fire protection, the primary objective of the coating is to avoid damage or destruction of the internal structure of the tunnel in the event of a fire. A commonly adopted criterion is to keep the interior surface of the tunnel at temperatures below 300/400 °C for the time necessary for the intervention of the fire prevention systems adopted.

  • Lighting comfort:
    The correct approach in terms of cladding consists in creating light walls with a high degree of light reflection (> 70%) and a dark ceiling, correctly choosing the type and position of the light sources.

  • Acoustic comfort:
    The noise reverberated in the tunnel, in addition to reducing the acoustic comfort inside, is radiated to the terminal sections with serious impact problems on the territory. The solutions to the problem are micro-perforated metal panels with a mineral fibre mattress behind them.

  • Protection from dripping water:
    in many road tunnels, it is necessary to tackle the problem of flooding with dripping water and traffic safety problems; in this case, the secondary coating must consist of corrugated stainless steel ceiling sheets capable of conveying the water behind the piers made with photo-reflecting panels. This solution can be adopted for infiltrations even in the order of a hundred litres per second.


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