Corrugated steel culverts


The corrugated steel culverts are self-supporting structures and are the solution for overpasses, underpasses, crossings of waterways, canalizations, silos and artificial tunnels and allow significant savings in materials, time and resources.

Tubosider corrugated steel culverts are considered the perfect alternative to the use of concrete in numerous engineering projects.

Our corrugated steel culverts:

  • Solution:
    The multi-plate structures in corrugated and hot-dip galvanised steel sheet are the result of an advanced industrial prefabrication system that optimises the transport of components and facilitates the execution of the work on the installation site. The materials of the steel structures are rigorously selected and controlled in compliance with current legislation.

  • Advantages:
    Economy, safety, reliability and precision, flexibility and versatility of use, simplicity and speed of installation, transportability, durability, environmental compatibility.

  • Applications:
    Our pipelines are designed to meet every type of need and respond to diversified use in numerous sectors: in the road and mining field, for the defence of the territory and in hydraulic engineering, in environmental engineering and industry.

  • Tests and certifications:
    Tubosider corrugated steel culverts are equipped with the CE mark according to EN 1090.
    To ensure technically perfect, long-lasting and economically advantageous works, we have adopted two complementary work strategies: an accurate technical design and a quality management system at every stage of production that involves each of our business sectors, each for its specific skills. Our products are delivered only after all the required checks.

  • Calculation method:
    Each structure is designed and calculated according to all the calculation methods recognised worldwide for both static and dynamic loads.

Models and Catalog

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VDC Condotte e strutture portanti

Versione 2022

VDC Canalette semicircolari

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Manuale di Montaggio Condotte

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