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TUBOSIDER is an Italian company founded in 1965, a protagonist for over fifty years in the world market of civil works for the protection of people and the environment. The company operates through its Italian production plant, and its products are sold in over 110 countries grouped between Europe, America, Asia, Africa and Oceania.


The diversified TUBOSIDER production can be summarised as follows:

Where we are

Offices and Plants in the World

Noise barriers

Noise defense works, from traditional side noise barriers, integrated with innovative systems such as top reducer or photovoltaic modules

Road safety barriers

Metal safety barriers certified and approved in compliance with the most recent and restrictive international road prevention regulations

Corrugated steel culverts

Corrugated steel culverts and load-bearing structures for road, hydraulic, storage works, etc.

Tunnel lining

Coatings and fittings for tunnels for fire protection, lighting and acoustic comfort, the prevention of dripping phenomena and the correct architectural furnishings with the related safety implications

Storm water tanks

Tanks, rolling tanks for the collection of rainwater and for fire-fighting purposes

Where we are

S.S. 231 n. 8/A – 12066 Monticello d’Alba (CN)
T. +39 0141 418411 – F. +39 0141 211373

Reg. S.Antonio, 71 – Monticello d’Alba – CN – ITALY
T. +39 0173 64715 – F. +39 0173 64184